A series of Mini-Surveys was started up in 2007, with a sequence of short, sharp questionnaires.\r\n\r\nThemes for the mini-surveys are based on member priorities.

Completed Surveys

Please click the title of the survey to download the feedback in pdf format.

  1. Services – March 2007
  2. Financial Indicators and Ratios – Sepempter 2007
  3. Salaries and Benefits – October 2007
  4. Events and Sponsorship – January 2008
  5.  Membership and Recruitment – August 2008

How does it work?

Participation in the benchmarking mini-surveys is now open to all Forum members. The mini-surveys are based on questionnaires that are e-mailed to all members. There will be a closing date for each questionnaire, after which results will be processed. The results will be distributed to all members and made available on this website.

Do you have your own questions?

If there are particular issues you are keen to know more about, we would welcome your suggestions for questions to be included in future mini-surveys. Please email Richard Fairclough

What does it cost?

Participation in the Mini-Surveys is now free.

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