The report on the Benchmarking Study 2005/06 is now published and provides the most comprehensive and up to date picture of UK trade associations with a wide range of measures based on a fully updated questionnaire.

TAF Benchmarking 2005-6

Comparison with other associations is a key element in improving performance. It can provide reassurance and positive feedback to members where the association is up to speed and a spur to look for better ways of working where the association may be lagging.

Use the Benchmarking Report 2005/06 report to review your operations:

  • review indicators and trends
  • discuss with staff and/or your Board
  • provide feedback to members
  • consider in relation to business plans and strategy

The report is printed in full colour – SamplePage – with dozens of tables and graphics.

Your Feedback and Queries

Let us know what you find most interesting and helpful in the findings. And if you would like more detailed information on any topic, do let us know.

Future Surveys

We plan to build on the body of benchmarking data by conducting mini-surveys at regular intervals to refresh sections of the more perishable data – e.g. salary and subscription information – and to explore particular topics in more detail – e.g. recruitment and retention, sponsorship, representation.

Members can sign up now as Participants to be included in these future mini-surveys and by doing so can benefit from discounts on orders multiple copies of the Benchmarking Report 2005/06.


If you wish to refer back to the survey questionnaire when reviewing the Benchmarking Report 2005/06, you can click the link below for a pdf version.

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