The TAF Benchmarking Survey 2010 provides a great wealth of information about UK trade associations – what they are currently doing, how they are organised and the results they achieve. A number of members have expressed interest in discussing the results in greater depth.

With this in view, the Forum is running a one-day ‘Nitty-Gritty Workshop’ on Wednesday 1 June.

Many want to understand not just WHAT colleagues in other associations are doing but also HOW they are doing it.

There is a huge amount of knowledge and experience among Forum members – not only of things that have worked well but also of things they would do differently next time … and things to avoid.

The Workshop is open to all TAF members, whether or not they took part in the Benchmarking Survey 2010. The programme will be organised around topics requested – and offered – by those who sign up for the Workshop.

How it works

Members taking part in the Workshop are invited to submit three requests – topics that they would like to explore in more detail with colleagues from other associations.

At the same time, participants must also submit three offers – topics where they feel they have knowledge or experience that could be helpful to others, whether unrivalled successes or where they have the scars and bruises of hard-won experience.

The Workshop will consist of a series of discussion groups during the day bringing together individuals to discuss their chosen topics. The Agenda will be driven by the interests expressed by participants.

What to do Next

If you feel you would like to learn from and contribute to this Workshop, register your interest now by completing the very brief online questionnaire. This asks you to indicate the kind of topics that you would like to be able to discuss in more detail – offers and requests – and your name. That’s it.

Questionnaire Link:

Next Steps

Once we have initial input to the online questionnaire, we will put more flesh on the bones and provide further information and booking details for the Workshop.

Benchmarking Survey Report

You can order the report here

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