Many of the essential products we buy for our homes come with a guarantee – whether it’s a new washing machine or a kettle. It protects us, as consumers, in the future – if a washing machine or kettle stops working, the supplier who sold the item will fix or replace it at no extra cost.

It’s only if the company who sold the product has stopped trading that we may be left to replace or fix the appliance ourselves.

Nobody wants to be in this situation if they have invested in a home improvement.

An insurance backed guarantee, often called an IBG, protects investments made in home improvements, so if the company who did the work has ceased trading, homeowners can still make a claim and have any workmanship defects rectified.

IBGs – how it works

When work is carried out on a property, the contractor will issue a written guarantee. This will have all the details about exactly what is covered by the guarantee and for how long.

IBGs are issued by installation companies to their customers, in addition to their written guarantee.

It means that if the installation or building company ceases to trade, because of retirement, change of career, or other personal situation, the home improvement investment is still protected.

There is no need for homeowners to take any action to get an IBG. Contractors should register the installation and apply for the IBG on behalf of the homeowner, who will receive documents in the post shortly after their installer has completed the work.

Genuine Consumer Protection

QANW helps contractors and installers to give their customers genuine insurance backed guarantees that offer homeowners real protection. It’s extra peace of mind for homeowners – so, even if they have any issues with the workmanship on their home improvement installation, and their installer has ceased trading, they can make a claim and have remedial works done on their home.

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