An insurance backed guarantee, often called an IBG, protects investments made in home improvements.

It’s an extra level of protection for homeowners, so that if the company they chose to work on their home has ceased trading, they have the opportunity to make a claim and have workmanship defects rectified.

There isn’t any action for homeowners to take – contractors register installations and apply for IBGs on behalf of the homeowner, in addition to their existing written guarantee.

Genuine Consumer Protection

QANW helps contractors and installers to give their customers genuine insurance backed guarantees that offer homeowners real protection.

IBGs offer extra peace of mind for homeowners – so, even if they have any issues with the workmanship on their home improvement installation, and their installer has ceased trading, they can make a claim and have remedial works done on their home. If you would like to help your members offer better protection for consumers, we can help – click here to visit the QANW website.

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