How do you protect the investments made in upgrading and renovating your housing stock? With ever tightening budgets, Housing Associations and Local Authorities need to find the best value products and services to modernise and improve the security and energy efficiency of homes.

A large part of protecting housing stock improvement budgets is to make sure that all works on properties are carried out by professional contractors who have high workmanship standards. Once you’ve found a reliable, contractor, you can add an extra level of protection to your budget with an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Why do I need an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

When a contractor completes improvement work on a property, they will issue a written guarantee, detailing what is covered. Unfortunately, that guarantee only lasts as long as the contractor is still trading. If there is an issue with workmanship defects or product failure and your contractor has ceased trading, it falls back to the Local Authority or Housing Association to cover the cost of remedial works.

Insurance Backed Guarantees go a step further than standard written guarantees. They can guarantee the work done and help to protect your investment. So, if remedial works are needed but the original contractor is no longer in business, in most instances, the cost of the work is covered by the policy.

Easy, online job registration

At QANW, we can offer 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantees for Local Authority & Council Grant works. It’s a bona fide guarantee from a UK Authorised Insurer for the work completed on your properties which helps to protect your investment, even if the contractor ceases trading.

Paperwork can be minimal too. QANW registered contractors have access to an online portal allowing them to register Council Grant jobs directly with us. We can then send the policy documents directly to Housing Associations or Local Authorities.

Make sure that your sub-contractor is registered to deliver Insurance Backed Guarantees on all improvement works, which can help to protect your budget and give peace of mind to your tenants.

Find out more at or contact Gemma Swankie on 01292 268020.

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