At the recent AGM held on 28th July, which was the first to be held in a virtual format, the membership voted to change the Memorandum and Articles of Association under a special resolution. This change facilitates the immediate introduction of a formal six month notice period for members wishing to resign from their membership.

Following a review of the membership terms and conditions requested by the Board, the resolution to amend the current Memorandum and Articles of Association was proposed to the Membership for their consideration and approval. The proposal, which will bring the Forum’s Terms and Conditions of Membership in line with standard industry practice, was received with overwhelming support.

The relevant clauses in the Memorandum and Articles have now been reworded, details of the changes can be found in a copy of the Special Resolution here.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Linda Cavender or call us on Tel: 020 38698650.

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