We’re delighted to welcome a host of new Board members to the TAF Board after a hotly-contested election! Thanks to everyone who put themselves forward for a position, all the members who voted and massive congratulations to the successful candidates.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Lisa Collins (IABM), Tom Bowtell (BCF) and Jon Vanstone (Certass) who have stood down from the Board this year. They all played an important role in helping to turnaround TAF after the pandemic and their contributions are greatly appreciated.

The new TAF Board members are:

Graham Stafford

Graham is the Chief Operating Officer at the Fed (The National Federation of Independent Retailers) – a trade organisation over 10,000 independent retail stores across the UK and Ireland.

Graham has been elected in the Band C Member category (20 -49 staff) and his term runs until 2026.

Julia Garvey

Julia is the Deputy Director General at British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), the trade association covering the entirety of the UK educational suppliers sector with more than 300 members.

Julia has been elected in the Band A (0-9 staff) category of members and will serve a term until 2026.

Richard Ellithorne

Richard is the Membership Services Director at Builders Merchants Federation, having previous worked at a number of other TAF members and having been involved in TAF in various forms in the past.

Richard has a particular interest in trade association benchmarking and will be supporting on TAF’s benchamrking outputs during his term in office.

Richard has been elected in the Band B (10-19 staff) category of members and will serve a term until 2026.

Richard Smith

Richard is the Managing Director of the Road Haulage Association, one of the larger members of TAF representing with more than 200 staff and 8,500 members, ranging from owner operators to those with fleets of over 1000 vehicles.

Richard has been elected in the Band D (49+ Staff) category of members and will serve a term until 2026.

Suneeta Johal

Suneeta is Chief Executive of the Construction Equipment Association, the trade association that represents the UK construction equipment sector with more than 140 members.

Suneeta has been co-opted onto the Board in the Band A (0-9 staff) category of membership.

Tim Doggett

Tim Doggett is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chemical Business Association (CBA) which represents the UK chemical supply chain.

Many CBA members are SMEs and include manufacturers, distributors, traders, warehouse operators, logistics and transport companies, as well as service providers and suppliers who collectively are the main chemical industry interface providing products and services to virtually every sector.

CBA members contribute more than £4 billion annually to the UK economy and employ over 10,000 people nationwide, handling in excess of 27 million tonnes and making over 2.25 million deliveries of chemicals each year.

Tim has been elected in the Band A (0-9 staff) category of members and will serve a term until 2026.


The next TAF Board meeting is happening in September in Birmingham, at which the Board will elect the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer for the coming year. TAF Members will be notified as to the results of the election.

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