There’s nothing better than being able to offer extra benefits to the members of your Trade Association.

Choosing the right IBG provider to partner with can benefit your organisation as well as offering great perks for your membership. Plus, working with an IBG provider that uses a UK based, PRA authorised insurer demonstrates your commitment to promoting best practice in the market, as well as reinforcing a strong emphasis on consumer protection.

By working closely with trade bodies and organisations such as Competent Persons Schemes, QANW understands how the right IBG offering can help to boost membership numbers and in turn help members with great business benefits too.

IBG schemes can be set-up to work in conjunction with Competent Persons Schemes, so member contractors only have to register jobs once and there are additional options such as Deposit Protection Insurance also available.

If IBGs are part of your membership criteria, talk to QANW about providing an IBG facility that can benefit everyone.

Find out more at or contact Gemma Swankie on 01292 268020.

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