Domestic abuse is a hideous crime, shattering the lives of millions of women and men all across the country.  All employers are encouraged to join the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) for free to see what positive action you can take for your employees affected by abuse. EIDA is a leading business network, which brings together the experience, expertise and best practice of their members and partners. This provides practical guidance and support to any employer wanting to act.

What EIDA does 

  • Inspire and empower member organisations to implement and deliver an effective employer response to those facing domestic abuse in their business
  • Provide employers with the information and guidance they need to successfully support those employees. We provide materials, expertise, best practice and signposting through our portfolio of tools, and network of partners, programmes and initiatives
  • Utilise EIDA’s role as a leading business network with a unique vantage point across all sectors of the UK economy, for the benefit of our members and partners. EIDA is committed to sharing best practice by uniting businesses with common challenges and experiences
  • Work impartially with the domestic abuse sector, academics, governments, and opinion formers to raise awareness and inspire change – EIDA’s contributions are driven by its members; and learnings are shared.
  • The role that an employer can play in tackling abuse is not to be underestimated, however, it is recognised that it takes time and resource to do so. 

EIDA is here to help. A new all in one resource for employers has just been launched – the EIDA Handbook. Whether it be legal advice, template policies or learning from other employers what measures have worked and what hasn’t, the handbook will provide the answer. Join for free at to download it.

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