We are delighted to announce that we are working with new partners Peritus to provide a dedicated Online Learning Platform specifically for our Members.

While many workplaces have excellent examples of how technology has enhanced performance within their business, not everyone is yet using it to deliver their Learning and Development needs. In the US, 71% of companies are already using online learning solutions to deliver their training, and this shift in learning is now starting to reach the UK.

The 2019 LinkedIn Workplace Learning report stated that 94% of employees said that if their company invested in their career development, they would stay at the company longer. There is also mounting evidence that tells employers that when employees receive training, they are more engaged, loyal and much more valuable to their employer.

It seems that Online learning is now how people want to learn and develop their skills. It is not only more engaging for users, as it can be tailored for their precise needs, but online learning also accommodates the need to fit around what learners need, when they need it, and wherever they may be at the time. We will be, with Peritus Online, providing a bespoke range of courses for our members, initially around the key topics of Cyber Essentials, HR for Non-HR, Time Management, GDPR Essentials, Equality & Diversity and Wellbeing.

The platform, which is due to be launched shortly, will provide you with a cost-effective learning solution, with each course delivered in a modular format, allowing users to dip in and out so that their learning fits around their work commitments.

Once fully launched, we will be adding to our suite of online training courses regularly, so do let us now what topics are of interest to you by giving us a call on 020 3869 8650.

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