The Trade Association Forum has received a letter from Barry Gardiner, the Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade.

The letter (a copy of which can be seen here) concerns the Government’s published information on the new customs duty tariff rates and quotas that would apply to imports in the event of the UK leaving the EU with no deal.  The letter aims to seek your views on the published quotas and confirm whether you are satisfied that they represent a fair and appropriate approximation of the UK’s proportionate share of the existing EU quotas or whether you have any concerns on these.

In view of the publication of these measures at short notice and the UK’s possible departure from the EU, The Shadow Secretary would like to seek your urgent response outlining your views on these terms.  All links to relevant documentation are included in the letter, but are also below for ease of reference:

Guidance NotesCheck temporary rates of customs duty (tariffs) on imports after EU Exit, Department for International Trade, 13th March 2019

Overview –

Check current rates –

Check temporary rates of customs duty (tariffs) if the UK leaves the EU with no deal –

Preferential tariff rates –

Most favoured nation (MFN) tariff rates –

Tariff quota rates (TRQ) –

If you wish to make comment, then please do so directly to Barry’ Gardiner’s office.

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