The time ‘save our planet’ is NOW. More and more businesses and organisations recognise the need to up their game on reducing their energy and carbon usage. The UK Government has highlighted their active interest in the SME market and has consulted on ways in which SME’s can help the UK achieve its carbon reduction targets.

We at ESTA – The Energy Services and Technology Association – are keen to build a strong UK based alliance of energy using SME businesses, initially working through their Trade Associations. Ideally these SME’s will own their property and hence the utility bills. The intention is to build both a large, aggregated purchasing group and a supply chain within the SME business community to actively encourage, promote and provide a complete range of energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures.

Where an SME doesn’t belong to a Trade Association, we will happily work with them direct, but Associations with their detailed knowledge of their membership combined with existing communication channels are ideally placed to speed up the process. There should be a strong mutually beneficial membership benefit for the Association. The intention is that members of the alliance will be able to access services at a considerable saving.

If this project is of interest, please contact me on or on 07887990687

Mervyn Pillay

Executive Director

ESTA 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE

T: 0203 773 8165

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