The TAF Annual Benchmarking Survey, supported by TAF partners Ellwood Atfield and  Partners& is now open, and we am delighted to invite you to participate. 

This is the most comprehensive survey specifically for UK trade associations to help us benchmark ourselves against our peers, discover trends across the sector and support our planning and budgeting for the future. The survey should take 20-30 minutes to complete.

As in previous years, the 2023 Survey focuses primarily on providing a benchmark for association salaries and benefits, and is consistent with historic surveys which will allow us to conduct trend analysis over time.

In addition and in response to current member suggestions, concerns and priorities, this year we have arranged the Survey in four broad sections.

  • Questions 1-5: A set of general profiling questions to help us cut the data in useful ways
  • Questions 6-17: A set of general association benchmarking questions designed to provide useful benchmarks for associations to measure themselves against and create some sector data and analysis. We will be looking to repeat these questions year-on-year.
  • Questions 18-25: a short set of questions exploring your experience of the UK labour market, staff recruitment, and your current ways of working. We will compare this against last year to see if changes driven by the Covid-19 pandemic have lasted.
  • Questions 26- 71: detailed information about salaries, benefits, and pensions of staff at different levels. 

The survey is for UK-based trade associations only and the final report will be given free to all those that complete at least three full sections of the survey. 

For anyone else, the report will be available for a fee. This is to maximise and encourage participation and recognise the commitment and time taken to complete the survey.

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