Position Title: Director & Chief Executive

Reports to: BPMA President

Reporting to this position: Assistant  Director & Technical Officer  

Main duties/tasks:

To lead the association, be the principal policy adviser and to be responsible for ensuring the whole of the association’s policy work is carried out efficient and effectively. This includes:-

* Monitoring of the political, economic, legislative and regulatory environment relevant to the industry;

* Developing policies and proposing policy priorities for the BPMA Board and Council consideration;

*Ensuring co-ordination and compatibility of policy work through the association.

  • To be the association’s principal spokesperson with general responsibility for the efficient exercising of the association’s representational work. This includes:-

* Ensuring that regular contact is maintained with relevant ministers, MP’s, civil servants, journalists, regulators and other opinion formers;

* Ensuring that the association’s policies and views are adequately communicated to target audiences, including appropriate media appearances and interviews and addressing relevant conferences and seminars;

* Ensuring that the association is represented in other forums as appropriate.

  • To ensure that the association provides a high quality and cost effective service to its members; to attract new members and retain the support of the existing members; to ensure the timely and efficient provision of relevant information to members; to keep members informed of the association’s activities; to maintain direct regular contact with individual members and to ensure that the various interests of members are adequately taken into consideration in the course of the association’s work.
  • To be responsible for the finances of the association, including the preparation of the annual budget, the maintenance of adequate financial controls, and the monitoring of expenditure against the budget and to make recommendations on subscription levels for the BPMA Board`s consideration.
  • Subject to any guidelines laid down by the BPMA Board and Council, to be responsible for all matters pertaining to the employment of association staff and retention of on-contract staff
  • To be responsible for the internal administration of the association; for ensuring that the association’s Articles of Association are adhered to, and that the association complies with all relevant legislation and regulation.
  • To be responsible for developing the forward strategy of the association

More specific responsibilities can be found in the Staffing Consideration and Accountability Sheet Below.

To apply please contact the current Chief Executive, Steve Schofield on s.schofield@bpma.org.uk with CV and salary expectations.

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