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The Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain

The Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain formed in 1827 has been working with the UK malting industry since that date. Changes within the industry are indicated by the fact that there were about one thousand eight hundred member companies in 1827, and today there are eleven. Today’s membership still represents more than 98% of the UK malting industry, buying around 2 million tonnes of choice UK malting barley, to make about 1.6 million tonnes of malt.

The MAGB's mission statement is:

To promote and protect the UK malting industry, so enabling it to fulfil its world-wide potential.

The MAGB’s aims and objectives are:

      1. To promote the understanding of the industry’s requirements for raw materials, to ensure their quality and sufficiency of supply
      2. To monitor and interpret legislation affecting the industry, and make the appropriate representations.
      3. To promote and assure the safety and wholesomeness of malt.
      4. To continually improve the competitiveness of the UK malting industry
      5. To identify and promote the beneficial application of technology
      6. To promote standards of excellence within the industry through training, examinations and best industry practice.

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1st Floor, The Exchange Business Centre, Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire
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