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Diplomasafe – Digital Credentials for Learners, Members and Graduates

If you can anything - Be Credible!

Diplomasafe is a straightforward tool that helps organisations issue, manage, and showcase qualifications online. For members of the Trade Association Forum (TAF), here’s the scoop:

Skills-Based Hiring: Diplomasafe platform supports the trend of skills based hiring, helping learners showcase and leverage the exact skills needed. Compliance with Standards: We ensure all digital credentials comply with the latest digital standards. This guarantees that qualifications are recognised and valued everywhere, keeping learners ahead in the global job market.

Social Media Sharing: With Diplomasafe, learners can easily share their achievements on platforms like LinkedIn. This isn't just good for them; it's brilliant for you too. Every share by a learner drives traffic back to your website, increasing your visibility and attracting more interest in your programmes.

In essence, Diplomasafe modernises how qualifications are handled, offering a win-win for both professionals and organisations by propelling qualifications into the digital era, simplifying compliance, and leveraging social media to benefit both the issuer and the recipient.

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