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Bates Wells

Bates Wells is a values-driven, full-service law firm committed to helping clients to achieve positive impact. Bates Wells has a dedicated team focused on meeting the needs of our trade association clients.

We’ll advise you on establishing a new body or introducing a structural or governance change. If something’s gone wrong, we’ll help with everything from early investigations to full disciplinary hearings.

We’ll advise on data privacy and GDPR. We’ll protect your IP and trademarks. If competition law is an issue, we’ll give you clear and practical advice. If you’re relocating, we’ll handle real estate transactions.

We provide full employment law support to HR teams. And if you’re in a dispute, we’ll help you resolve it swiftly and smoothly.

Bates Wells was the first UK law firm to certify as a B Corp, recognising the firm’s commitment to its environmental, social and people-focused priorities.  Bates Wells has been Net-Zero since 2019 across all Scope 1, Scope 2 and all measurable Scope 3 emissions.

Bates Wells is not only committed to sustainability across its own operations – it provides a range of services to help clients to do the same, whether that's through climate-friendly clauses in contracts, advising on impact investment strategies, or working with partners to achieve legislative change through vehicles like the Better Business Act. Find out how they can assist you to drive your purpose and impact: https://bateswells.co.uk/better-business/

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10 Queen Street Place London

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