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Association of Labour Providers (ALP)

Association of Labour Providers - ALP

Established in 2004 at the instigation of the UK government, ALP is a not for profit trade association promoting responsible recruitment and good practice for organisations that supply essential workers across primary and industrial sectors, construction, food and general manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and the supply chain.

The ALP influences government and regulatory policy and provides a wide range of practical and up to date information and services to its members.

The ALP’s mission is for “UK labour provision to be recognised as a model of global good practice” achieved through six policy focus areas:

  1. Supply Chain Partner – Driving awareness of the crucial role labour providers undertake in supply chains through the sourcing and supply of a high calibre future workforce.
  2. Access to Labour – Promoting national policy actions and developing industry capability to maintain ongoing access to an adequate labour supply of all skill levels.
  3. Fair Charge Rates – Promoting payment of fair charge rates to labour providers that enable business sustainability and do not foster worker exploitation or tax evasion.
  4. Fair to Workers – Supporting labour providers to meet legal and ethical responsibilities and to treat workers fairly and with respect.
  5. Fair Competition – Support for clear and proportionate regulation of labour provision that facilitates fair competition.
  6. Responsible Recruitment – Leading a stakeholder partnership approach to drive continuous improvement in responsible recruitment standards applied by labour providers.

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