The Land, Planning And Development Federation (LPDF) Formed In Early 2018 And Is A Collection Of The UK’s Leading Land Promotion And Residential Development Businesses

LPDF members specialise in the promotion and development of strategic land across the UK, delivering a wide range of sites from small scale sites (30 new homes or more) to larger scale sites of up to 10,000 new homes. These are delivered alongside community facilities, employment space, environmental enhancements and supporting infrastructure.

Aviation Services UK is the trade association for ground service providers supporting the UK’s aviation sector.

Our members enable airlines to transport people and cargo to and from destinations across the world, keeping the UK flying.

In 2022, Aviation Services UK members handled more than one million flights arriving in and departing from the UK.

Together, they help air transport to support more than 1.5 million jobs and to contribute around £5.47 billion to the economy every year.

Our History

Founded in 1969, the H&BA is a ‘not for profit’ trade association for senior sales and marketing executives of health and beauty brand suppliers in the UK.

For over 50 years we have provided a unique forum for members to debate and discuss how our industry should adapt and develop to meet the changing consumer and customer needs of the day.

Our Purpose

Health and Beauty is a dynamic and diverse industry, worth over £5 billion annually in the UK, encompassing products from analgesics and nutritional supplements to organic makeup and toiletries.

Health and Beauty is an industry facing rapid change as informed consumers look to take greater ownership of their health and beauty needs. At the same time, the government is encouraging the public to recognise massive generational healthcare shifts including the “obesity timebomb” and the challenges of dementia care for the elderly.

Health and Beauty combine to relate to the individual consumer as a wellness proposition – being healthy and feeling good.

The UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) is the trade association for the short-term rental sector in the UK. We exist to represent the industry to policymakers, improve standards through education and stakeholder engagement, and drive growth opportunities for our members by creating a community of like-minded businesses. Our aim is to support the sustainable growth and continued development of the industry in the British Isles.

The Tourism Alliance is the umbrella trade association for the whole of the tourism industry in the UK. We are here to ensure there are good links between the UK Government and Parliament and the sector.

Mission: “To represent the interests of our members within the UK construction equipment industry, in a globally changing competitive environment.”

Vision: “To be the ‘Voice of the Construction Equipment Sector’ delivering added value to our members, be a positive influencing factor on government policy and directly contributing to the sustainability and growth of the sector.”

We are represented in Brussels – as active members of the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) – and our influence is felt worldwide through our technical, regulatory and international trade work.

IHPN plays a leading role by bringing all types of independent healthcare providers together, supporting them to deliver great care to patients, and enabling them to make a positive contribution to UK healthcare.

Our vision is a thriving independent healthcare sector delivering great care to NHS and private patients.

The only independent trade association focussed on the international decommissioning energy sector.

PAGB, the consumer healthcare association, represents the manufacturers of branded OTC medicines, self-care medical devices and food supplements in the UK.

Established in 1919, PAGB has a long and distinguished track record as the industry self-regulatory body ensuring balanced and responsible marketing of self-care products.

This includes checking our member companies’ advertising to ensure it is responsible and not misleading, maintaining a fair and positive regulatory environment that encourages product innovation, and promoting the contribution that self-medication can make to people’s health at no cost to the NHS.

The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the collective voice of the UK’s world-class qualifications and assessments industry. Our members are committed to providing high-quality qualifications and assessments that recognise achievement, improve productivity, support social mobility and change lives.

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