Climate Action for Associations harnesses the collective power of membership organisations to address the global climate emergency and accelerate towards a net zero carbon economy.

CAFA’s mission is to harness the collective power and influence of the membership sector to accelerate the transition of whole sectors, systems and professions.

  • In line with the Paris Agreement, increase climate and sustainability leadership and drive change using the collective power and influence of professional and trade associations, membership organisations, business networks, societies, clubs and peak umbrella bodies to create an inclusive net zero economy, build resilient communities and limit global heating to 1.5°C.

  • Empower and increase the confidence of the association sector to set ambitious targets and implement practical strategies to meet them.

  • Demonstrate that climate action is about building resilience, an opportunity for growth and sustainability, cost savings and new revenue generation.

  • Ensure that climate action and sustainability are a standard part of all membership organisation’s internal and external member value proposition and engagement strategy.

  • To speak up and implement non-oppositional climate policies and advocacy. 

CAFA helps every type of membership organisation to:​
  • Implement climate action and sustainability programmes internally.

  • Deliver climate action and sustainability support to members.

CAFA will:

  • Curate, develop and deliver tailored practical guidance to accelerate change both internally and to support the sectors/professions you represent.

  • Create a safe place where membership organisations of all sizes and sectors can convene and learn from others.

  • Be the platform for associations to share  progress and experiences to inspire and educate others.

  • Deliver Certified Net Zero solutions to measure footprint and reduce emissions.

  • Track and promote the progress of the membership sector

  • Join-up sectoral and professional bodies to identify opportunity, encourage collaboration and innovation.

  • Monitor and benchmark the progress and impact the climate and sustainability work associations are doing.

  • Support membership organisations join the Race to Zero Campaign.

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