Valued TAF colleagues, Barley House Agency, have have started a new online petition to encourage the Government to provide more support and compensation for those small businesses and the self-employed that have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus. Some of them are now in a desperate situation through no fault of their own.

Although saving lives has to be the Government’s first priority, it is arguable that the financial cost of the decisions that have been taken have thus far have been unequally borne by those whose businesses and livelihoods that have been most affected.

Our colleagues at the Barley House Agency believe it is only fair that these people and businesses should be compensated for some of their losses so that at least their businesses may survive and not be burdened for many years to come with a significant millstone of debt.

Although the Government has provided support for many businesses, there are many others for whom it is nowhere near enough to cover their monthly outgoings and for their businesses to survive longer term. The cost of this help may well be high, but if such businesses are supported then they can flourish once the pandemic is over, thereby having a positive impact on the economy bouncing back faster.

If you think this is a worthwhile cause and would like to support these businesses, then feel free to sign the petition by clicking here.

By all means share it with your membership if you would like to do so. As business representative organisations, we are all well aware that a lone voice is far less powerful than the collective.

Please Note that the Trade Association Forum is a politically impartial organisation and this article does not necessarily reflect our views or the collective view of our members.

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