Event booking: Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms & conditions of TAF events as laid out below carefully before making a booking:

Terms & conditions of your booking:

    • All fees are payable in advance of the event.
    • TAF is not responsible for the non-arrival of confirmation documents. Your booking will be acknowledged within 2 weeks, if you do not hear from us within this time please contact the TAF Events Team on 020 3170 0898.
    • TAF reserves the right to refuse entry to delegates for non-payment.
    • TAF reserves the right to cancel an event and to change the venue and content of the programme at any time.
    • Should you be unable to attend an event after booking, a substitute is welcome at no extra charge. All substitutes should be communicated to the TAF Events Team. prior to the event.
    • Any cancellation must be recieved by TAF in writing to TAF Events Team (even if you have verbally advised of a cancellation).
      1. Written cancellations must be received by the TAF Events Team by midday on the cancellation date specified on the booking form or in the event information.
      2. No refunds will be offered for cancellations communicated after the specified date.
      3. No shows will incurr 100% charge on the full event price.