Compliance and Policy Manager - The National Association of Jewellers - Birmingham

Compliance & Policy Manager


Job Title: Compliance and Policy Manager

Salary: £25,878

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

The National Association of Jewellers is the trade body representing all sections of the UK jewellery industry. As part of our strategy for taking forward the Association, we are recruiting for a Compliance and Policy Manager to join our team. We are looking for someone with jewellery industry experience that can take technical information and turn it into easy to understand and follow policies and guidance. Also, they will handle complaints against members, managing the process and disseminating best practice to minimise or prevent reoccurrence. 

We need someone that will not only manage the production of guidance, but also ensure people are aware of it and using it. Alongside this, they will work with colleagues to ensure our standards are maintained, that members meet these standards, and that appropriate action is taken against those that fail to meet them.

We need someone that has experience of either implementing, enforcing or developing compliance policies, and has good organisational and people skills. Your work experience in the jewellery sector will stand you in good stead. We are looking for a self-starter that can play a key role in taking our Association into an exciting new phase. 

To apply send your CV and covering letter to Natalie at 

For a chat about the role contact Amanda White, Head of Compliance on 020 7749 1704

Closing Date: Noon on Wednesday 13 February 

Interviews will be held in our Birmingham Office on Wednesday 20 February.

Job Description and Performance Criteria

Job Title: Compliance and Policy Manager

Reporting to: Chief Executive

Location: Birmingham

Salary: £25,878

The NAJ exists to future-proof the UK jewellery industry. We nurture, support and enable the jewellery community by providing insight, education, advice and a voice to, and for, the sector. Thus, everyone can stay a step ahead of change and do better business.

Purpose of the Job:

To develop appropriate responses to regulatory issues, maintain the Code of Conduct and the Made in Britain Scheme, and manage compliance amongst the membership.

Key Responsibilities and Performance Criteria

1. Policy Maintenance

To ensure the Association’s Code of Conduct and guidance documents including Primary Authority Assured Advice is maintained in all aspects of legality, regulation, policy and relevance; thus, enhancing the Association’s reputation within the membership and beyond.

Standard of Performance is achieved when:

a. Alerts are set up with the relevant organisations / departments to receive timely notification of regulation / policy changes that may affect the content and scope of the CoC and other documents

b. Research on the changes are completed on time and in full

c. Relevant committees are presented with the appropriate information to make decisions

d. Approval for changes are signed off by the CEO or relevant committee(s)

e. Processes are developed, reviewed and maintained.

2. Management of Made in Britain Scheme

To ensure the Made in Britain (MIB) Scheme runs within the parameters set by Made in Britain, and members are added to and audited against the standard appropriately.

Standard of Performance is achieved when:

a. Systems are in place to manage the MIB Scheme

b. Members are able to join the MIB scheme, and appropriate audits are carried out

c. Data is gathered to demonstrate compliance

d. Recommendations are made to the relevant committee(s) and staff team members on action as may be required in the event of non-compliance or breakdown in procedures

3. Compliance Management

To ensure the Association’s Complaints Procedure is managed consistently, fairly and professionally, thus enhancing the reputation of the Association within the membership and beyond.

Standard of Performance is achieved when:

a. Every member has access to the Code of Conduct (CoC) and supporting best practice guidance

b. The member complaints procedure, Primary Authority Scheme and mediation service is administered effectively

c. Regular summaries of activity and progress are circulated on time and in full to the CEO

d. Regular communications are sent to the membership feature specifc aspects of the CoC e.g. outcome of complaints, with the purpose of raising awareness and increasing understanding

e. There is an established forum of experienced members willing to provide direction and assurance on particularly difficult recommendations, and hear complaints

f. Recommendations are made to the relevant committee(s) and staff team members on action as may be required in the event of non-compliance or non-resolution, and any recommendations regarding changes to industry best practices or suggestions for further action e.g. articles, seminars.

4. Flexibility

To recognise that the Association is a small organisation, and that it is essential that all staff are willing to work flexibly and to undertake, from time to time, such other duties as may reasonably be requested, to provide a quality service to members, suppliers, consumers and colleagues.

Standard of Performance is achieved when:

a. You undertake tasks outside your normal area of responsibility with a positive and productive attitude e.g. help prepare marketing materials, provide cover during staff holidays, answer ringing phones and assist with exhibitions and events

b. You share your knowledge and skills with your colleagues to the benefit of the Association.

5. Health, Safety and Security

To be responsible for always observing the Association’s guidelines on Health and Safety, and adherence to the Associations IT policies and procedures

Standard of Performance is achieved when:

a. You take your Health and Safety and that of your colleagues seriously and follow the company guidelines at all times

b. You adhere to the Association’s IT policies and procedures at all times

c. You report safety and security concerns to your line manager or other appropriate person.

Person Specification

                                                                                                                                               Essential Desirable

1. Experience in a customer-facing environment                                                                        X

2. Excellent standard of education to ‘A’ Level or equivalent                                                        X

3. Excellent written and spoken English                                                                                        X

4. Experience in using Microsoft Office products                                                                        X

5. Experience in using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to manage workload        X

6. Ability to manage own workload, liaising with others                                                                X

7. Willingness to travel within the UK                                                                                        X

8. Ability to carry out research, analyse information and produce clear reports                                X

9. Well organised with project management skills                                                                        X

10. Technical jewellery background                                                                                                X

11. Experience managing volunteers and working with external stakeholders                                          X

12. Management or supervisory experience                                                                                          X

13. Trained in a regulatory framework                                                                                                  X

January 2019